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Primary DNS Hosting & Secondary DNS Hosting

Primary DNS Hosting

  • 15+ record types
  • Dynamic DNS Updates
  • RESTful API for your apps
  • Anycast speed and reliability
  • Flexible primary dns server configuration options
  • Allows for third-party secondary dns servers
  • Only $13.95/year (discounts available!)

Secondary DNS Hosting

  • Secured with TSIG or IP ACLs
  • Hide your master server
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Anycast speed and reliability
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Only $8.95/year (discounts available!)

Why us?

  • Designed for small and medium business. Individuals welcome!
  • More features than your domain registrar
  • Save time with our easy to use interface
  • Small and agile company
  • We listen to our customers and tailor our offerings accordingly

Fast & Reliable

  • Speed up your website by using our anycast network.
  • Our Anycast network keeps your domain online.
  • Anycast DNS to maximize availability and effectively resist attacks.

Free DNS Hosting

  • Try our completely free DNS Hosting service
  • No time limits
  • Upgrade to our anycast network at any time

Our customers love us and we love them

I chose and keep DNS Park primarily due to low cost, and good reliability.
- Michael from Washington, US
I think you guys offer a great service at a great price.
- Eric from California, US
Love your service. Simple, straight to the point, and very affordable.
- Raed from Jordan
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Managed Mail Defense and Backup

Mail Rescue Backup Mail Services

  • The perfect disaster recovery solution for small businesses
  • We "store-and-forward" all e-mail when the primary server is unreachable
  • Allow us to be the backup (secondary) mail server to improve reliability

Mail Pathfinder Inbound Mail Filtering

  • The first layer of your SMTP defense for small business
  • We take the load of fighting against inbound spam and deliver mostly clean results to your server
  • Reduce your server load and bandwidth by allowing us to handle the junk

Mail Crossing Outbound Mail Relay

  • Reliable outbound mail delivery
  • Avoid being blocked because of dynamic IP addresses, blacklists, or DNS settings
  • Let us be your 'smarthost' or default client relay

Mail Guiding Email Forwarding

  • Reliable email forwarding service
  • Present a professional appearance using your domain for e-mail.
  • Free as part of our standard DNS service
  • Forward email from your domain to any other email address.
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